We are very lucky and have an exceptionally active PTA.

All parents are welcome to come and support the group who work tirelessly to make the facilities and therefore the childrens learning the best it can be. If you would like to support our efforts to support our children please contact
the office or the PTA Teacher Representative - Jane Williams Hill for the next meeting dates.

The PTA is made up of parents or interested adults who come together to support their children’s education, with links to staff and Board of Trustee members.

Our main goal is to be part of the growth of the school and to work closely with the teachers and Board of Trustees.

The school receives its base operational funding from three main sources, In 2019 there was contributions from the Ministry of Education(82%), the parent donations (10%) and the PTA donation (8%). The $15,000 that the PTA donates to the school each year is mainly used to ensure that we have sufficient funds to provide learning resources for the children in the areas of curriculum resources, teaching consumables and equipment, art/craft supplies, and some board funded capital expenditure.

Specifically, this has included items such as:

- contribution towards the Astroturf hard surface area on the bottom field.

- restocking of reading books is on going and support is given as discussed/needed to ensure that we have full sets (this has been $3,000 this year and will be $3,000 for each of the next three years)

- art equipment and supplies for art week

- development of the school curriculum

- up to date development of the resource room

Without the PTA funding, the school would not be able to allocate as much money towards purchasing resources that directly impact on the children’s learning. Most of the operational expenses are not discretionary whereas learning resources can be deferred, but that would be at

the expense of the children's learning.

Why have a PTA?

According to the Constitution it is to advance education by:

• Suppoting the staff at the school to provide an excellent education for our children.

• Providing a link between the pupils, their families and the school.

• Encouraging parents/caregivers to be involved in the education of their children.

• Arranging activities and special events which supplement the academic programmes and enhance the school’s sense of community.

• Raising funds to provide improved facilities and opportunities for members of the School community.

• Encouraging past pupils to stay involved with school.

From the above it’s then hard to imagine anyone reading this that doesn’t sympathise with the objectives or goals of the PTA (and by definition isn’t a member by default). If this is true then every supporter of the School whether it be a parent, teacher or extended family member, donor or funding organization or interested adult, should be interested in the actions and results of the PTA and the causes listed above.

The PTA has a strong foundation but like anything is only as strong as its members. If you believe you can, from time to time help out with any of the objectives above, including:

• coming along to any social or informative activities

• looking out for any PTA news in the school newsletters or

• attending the meetings

then you will be welcome to put forward your views on anything about the school.