Ararimu School is a small, friendly and progressive country school with excellent teachers, facilities and a really supportive community spirit. Our children are supported well by their families and together home and school strive for excellence. The Board of Trustees and PTA are active in making our school the best it can be. The children are expected to develop self management skills and given the opportunity to risk take. Our children can climb our huge tulip tree, ride and jump their scooters and play supervised Bullrush. We all participate in digital coding and do well in Auckland competitions in Math and Problem Solving Competitions. Learning programmes maximise our school digital devices while still valuing traditional learning strategies with choice driven by student voice.

2021 Challenge is our year long learning context. The students will learn their about the environmental challenges both locally and globally. The Coronavirus has challeged us as a community and a wider city and this will be well considered after the children return from lockdown. The staff did a great job moving our children from the actual classroom to virtua home learning and it enabled them to move onto Google Classroom and correspond with both their peers and the teachers. This platform enabled children to maintain their social circles while being at home in their isolation Bubbles. It was important that the children were not always on their devices so the teachers provided both inside and outside home learning activities.

Our Art Week, Grandparents Day and Agriculture Day are looked forward to each year. This year each child will develop their stories on our school Pou during Art Week.

Our learning environment is fabulous and 2010 saw the completion of our lower field astroturf playground. 2021 will see the resourcing of nets and sports equipment for the new playground. The winter will see new trees planted in what the children call the 'Forest'. Some of the very old pine and gum trees were culled for safety reasons.

We are a great small country school. that lives by our country values. Come and visit us and see our very special school.