Community Links

Ararimu School is a key part of the Ararimu community and has been for more than 125 years!

We are proud to support and be supported by the following people and organisations:

Before and After School Care.
Care is ava
ilable before and after school. Arrangements are to be directly with the two people who run the sessions. Payment is also organised with them personally as this service is not directly run by the school.

Mornings: 7am until 8.30am. Trish Overington can be contacted on 021 536658. In the morning the children sit quietly with Trish and as other children arrive at school they go out and play.

Afternoons: 3.00pm until 6pm. Marilyn Bennett can be contacted on 027 4799121. In the afternoon the children have a set timetable which includes completing set homework and there are health and safety rules for the children to follow.


Sessions are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 12pm in the Ararimu Hall. Look for the sign on the front of the hall. Contact Robyn 2924032 or 021 750 845.

Social Club:
Held quarterly through out the year. this is a family evening held in the Ararimu Hall. It is a great way of meeting Ararimu families especially if you are new to the community. There is a full bar with bar snacks available. The children watch movies and play games while the parents network and chat. Contact: Allan Gilder: Ph 021 254 1880 or Paul Voorburg - President Ph: 021 0290 5733.

Residents & Ratepayers Association (R&R):
Ben Anderson Chairman - 09 294 6021.

Hall Hire
Helen Groenestein 09 292 4407 or email

Country Womens Institute (CWI):
The Institute meet at the hall on the second Wednesday of each month. Their meetings are dinner meetings and often they have a speaker or celebrate a theme such as Mother's Day and Christmas. It is an excellent way for new women in the community to meet each other. Contact Robyn 021 381067.

Courier News:
This a great read about community events also if you subscribe you get an updated telephone list annually. The cost is $10 for the year and can be dropped into the school office with your name, adddress and contatc details. Contact Helen Groenestein 09 292 4407 or email growin.wine@xtra.co.nz

Justice of the Peace in Ararimu.
Howard Sutton 09 294 9379, and Christine Stuart (Ararimu School Principal) 09 294 8372.

Rural Delivery Agent:
Kyle Ph: 021 283 1414

Auckland City / Franklin Local Board:
09 2371300.

Contact Energy:
Faults 0800100202.

Police: 111
Pukekohe Station Ph: 00237 1700.


Our grounds are open for community use. Please no motorized vehicles in the grounds at any time unless on school business.

Please have all dogs on leashes if you need to have them in the school grounds, as some of our children and adults have a fear of dogs. If bringing animals onto the grounds, we would appreciate you cleaning up after your animals as it is a children’s learning/play environment. There are to be no dogs in the pool area.

People using the grounds out of school hours do so at their own risk and we ask that the grounds are treated with respect. Please note the signs displayed around the school and leave only your footsteps behind.


The children of our school are heavily involved in our community. Our community is both generous with its time and contributions to support our children’s learning. The New Zealand Curriculum’s Essential Skills are an important part of our children being contributors to their society starting with their local community.

Our classes maintain the vegetable gardens and our fruit is picked by juniors with their senior buddies helping. Surplus vegetables and fruit go to the wider local groups that support those who need supplementary food parcels. Our Lions group supplied 500 daffodil bulbs 4 years ago. The children are involved in the growing, picking and selling the daffodils each spring for the Cancer Society. We also grow and plant native trees on local farms once a year. Senior students set up the hall for the Women’s Institute once a month which takes 20 minutes usually before school. Lastly our students were part of the design and build of both the school bridge and Ararimu Park and this support and citizenship will continue throughout this year and for many more years.