Tena Koutou Katoa

ko Ruahine Ranges te maunga

ko Oroua te awa

ko Neil Henderson toku papa

ko Nyra McDonald toku mama

ko Wendy Dixon toku wahine

ko Louise Dixon toku tamahine

Ko Craig Henderson ahau

This is my third year as Leader at Ararimu School. I am focused on creating a positive learning climate for students and ensuring we offer students a robost Local Curriculum. We belong to the ECCS cluster of schools which provides opportunities for students, in years 5-8, to participate against other schools in both academic and sporting events. We invite feedback from our parents through charter chats which are a great opportunity for thew school to share what is happening and for parents to share what they would like to see happen.

To start 2023 we have a reduction in teaching allocation from 7.0ftte to 5.4ftte. This has seen us combine cohorts of students as we endeavor to balance class sizes while allowing for the growth throughout the year. Our staff are just as dedicated as ever and we are looking forward to another hectic year.

Ararimu School has so much to offer students and families:

  • small classes

  • a country outlook

  • awesome teachers who go the extra mile

  • supportive community

  • small school activities

  • part of the ECCS sports cluster

  • Years 1-8 enrolments

  • Strong values (RILEY)

  • Religious Education

  • supportive Board of Trustees

  • active PTA

I invite you to come and have a look around. I am sure you will be impressed by what you see.

Craig Henderson