The Board of Trustees is responsible for seven key work areas in the school, which are:

Our BOT meets monthly starting in March of each year, usually on the first Monday of a month at 5.30 pm in the staffroom. All meetings are open to the parents/public with dates being announced in our newsletter and on the school website. Minutes are displayed in the foyer as soon as they are completed. If you wish to have speaking rights at the meeting, please contact the Presiding Member (Board Chair) Will Dady. 

Twice a year we hold Charter Chats so that our parents and community can give feedback and ideas for the future direction of the school. These are a combination of online and at-school meetings. We invite our parents to partake and have their say.

William Dady

Presiding Member

Anita van der Veer

Pippa Sutton

Allen Rudduck

Libby Barr

Staff Representative

Alison Dowen


Member to come Term 1, 2024

Craig Henderson


Important School Documents

Copy of Ararimu School Charter 2023/2024 (Website)

Ararimu School Charter 2023

Copy of Signed FS with audit report.pdf

Ararimu School Annual Report for 2022

Charter 2022.pptx.pdf

School Charter 2022

Ararimu School Analysis of Variance 2022.pdf

Analysis of Variance 2022


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